I love to think. But it seems that anything one loves must be shared with the world. I want to think and give; give my thoughts to everyone so that they can be challenged, uplifted, and enlightened so that they may too think and give; give their own thoughts, or my thoughts, or incorporate my thoughts into their own thoughts. I want to change the world with questions, queries, and perhaps with answers. Sometimes what I say will be embedded deep within rhetoric, or poetics; sometimes my thoughts are reflections on other thoughts that people have had before us; sometimes I may be wrong about what I say. Please engage and interact; please think; please be respectful and courteous to what others are thinking. Grow with me. Think with me!

Sanders is Right

Today, Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders was asked to describe his view of socialism. Sanders stated “[t]o me, democratic socialism means democracy…” “When you go to your public library, when you call your Fire Department or the Police Department . . .[t]hese are socialist institutions.” I think sanders is right, these are all examples of socialism. And that […]

Radicals and Resistance

On Tuesday night, we watched the first of several Democratic debates, and wherever you may fall on the political spectrum, the Internet was rather clear: Bernie Sanders had won. Yet, just as many of us web trolls were confused and disgusted to see the television coverage the following morning: Hillary takes a clear victory! Really? […]

Musings on a Presidential Debate

Let’s just get this out of the way: Donald Trump! . Next. . . . The moderators in that “happy hour” debate made me giggle, but I honestly wonder who was in charge of some of those questions; “I need a two word answers: Describe Hillary Clinton.” The best part of this question was NOT A […]

All Candidates Considered

As we get ready for the first of the many debates that we will see over the next 14 months, I want to encourage anyone watching to seriously consider what is being said. Some (such as my Democratic friends) will be making an elaborate drinking or Bingo game out of it, not really expecting anything […]

Hypnos and Thanatos

I fall asleep, not in pure nihilism, but trusting the native doubt that comes with a natural death, trusting the rush of cessation, having a faith that whatever comes after is true, regardless; I’m ready to pass through death, but not ready to let go of the inclination that nothing comes after, regardless of any […]

Rights, Discrimination, and Law

I really hate what some people have to say, I think they are flat out wrong, and I will do my best to show the inconsistencies of what they are saying, so that if they are being reasonable enough to step back and question some of their premises, they may change their mind. Some people […]

Getting Laid in the Shade

Fifty shades of grey comes out in less than 3 days and so much has already been said about it. I don’t think any ghouls will infest your soul if you make the choice to go see it this weekend, but I would opt for the purposefully vanilla Old Fashioned. There really isn’t much to […]

Strange Roots or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Riots

I am probably one of the only people not condemning the riots. I think they are misguided, but I support riots, and even the destruction of monopolistic property. So, while I think the people of Ferguson, Missouri are raging without guidance, the rage is real and should not be condemned. I have probably lost most […]


This blog has had a few issues, so I’m utilizing the opportunity to shut this old boy down and will be starting a blog that deals more specifically with philosophical questions and will attempt to be more scholarly in nature.  I may transfer some post from here if time allows.