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We are the remnants of the apocalypse. Our society is the disease that has brought demise. Although it does not look like we would expect, it’s not so mid-evil, we have destroyed the hope. Destroyed the joy and have made a negation of those that care to spread it. What has brought us to this […]

My Solace

To Health & Prosperity: May those older than me be blessed with the strengths of their youth and may the youth be blessed with longevity. May I continue to age with grace and comfort as I have thus far. May I live a life of activeness and moderation. May God keep us in Health & […]

On Death

If I make it throught the night I’ll be the man,- I’ll be the man I was born to be. They’ll see. Bleeding out in a corner, I did not wish to die alone, But where I’m at is drudging and desolate. To keep my veins from rusting I’ve cracked the faucet, broken the seal. […]

On Composing

When I write music I cannot figure out whether it is part of my soul that I am leaving behind or if I am creating new life, giving breath to something that never was. Either way, there is something now apart from me that will never be apart of me. In every process and step […]

Reflection on image

Today as I sat outside  talking with one of my friends, I expressed to her (in my daunting ability to spurt out how I feel) why I do not like photography. Her being a photographer, took this rather charmingly. I tried to explain that it didn’t draw me in, it doesn’t make me feel.  The […]

Stream of Conciousness

Lying straight ahead is lush trees of rotting green a path built by me to intervine the innards and i lookout and i see fall it’s perfect what is this oh but mirrors beneath my feet and they are dipped in paint this fall is so gorgeous so vast so symmetrical and dying it’s the […]

Sent without Sense

And Because we do not know our role in history quite yet, we try to make everything seem so important, things that will be forgotten (Media will definitely be our generations black plague). We might, possibly, all be lost in time. Not a drop of knowledge or usefulness to those ahead.  It doesn’t pain me […]

Ha Mashiakh

“I believe with a full heart in the coming of the Messiah, and even though he may tarry, I will wait for him on any day that he may come.” Although this was said many years after Jesus, those of us (basically every person that celebrates Christmas that doesn’t believe in the paganism) who see […]

Silent City

Wouldn’t it be interesting if you got to New York City, and it was completely silent. Shaking a resident awake from their I-pod coma, they pop the ear bud out. Screaming through the ringing in his ear you ask “Why is it so silent?” He doesn’t know what you are talking about and continues his […]


Retaliation is pretty close to vengeance. If you want to do it tastefully and respectfully read, read, read. and once you understand the ideas that others are putting forth, even if they are abusive and mean, you can refute them with soundness and with respect for what they are saying. This goes for everyone not […]