Ha Mashiakh

· Theology

“I believe with a full heart in the coming of the Messiah, and even though he may tarry, I will wait for him on any day that he may come.” Although this was said many years after Jesus, those of us (basically every person that celebrates Christmas that doesn’t believe in the paganism) who see these words can relate.

 The ancient syllables resound…

We failed and God was gracious, He set up his holy law and we could not keep it, we could not reach it. The biggest disease on this planet is us, and it seems that we have somehow cursed ourselves. Now, maybe it is just evolution working, God revealing himself to us in a spiral of chaos and chance, maybe all the disorder is a way for us to become enlightened to a new realm of dead meaningless suffering and mystery. Or perhaps we screwed up, and defiled ourselves, spitting on the soul and cursing the dust by shaking our fist at the sky, bringing the world to each of us, at our fingertip, but also crushing ourselves under the lust of knowing everything.

We felt the pangs of death blow across our cheeks…

We needed not only to have retribution, but something to reverse the curse we hexed the earth with. We saw that in Jesus. In the atonement of a perfect human sacrifice, who chose under his own free will to go through with the horrific task of giving up his life; Jesus allowed himself to once again succumb to the fist-shaking, dirt-spitting, curse of mankind’s lust. We all pay the toll; we all die as a way to fulfill the severity of our blasphemous lips. We do not in any way give up the payment we owe. We accept this divinity and allow a transformation, not in our degenerating biology, but in our eternal spirits. We chose to allow God to take us back, because he chose to accept us back. Back into his holiness and purity, we can enter into a covenant with God through the atonement of our souls, only found in Jesus Christ.

God fulfilled his promises…

But others were unable to see a leader of meekness or humility, but only of power and grandeur. They did not understand how simply Jesus fulfilled the prophecies they were looking for. Plagued by the notion of slaughter and a victory path covered in gentile blood, blinded so much as to drive a nail into the savior’s flesh,  these ancient Jews just missed mark. However, the holiness and majesty of God entered into Jesus’ lifeless body, and permeated the air of that warm morning, causing graves to shake and life to burst into existence. He did fulfill the prophecies, he held all of the marks of the messiah, and it is only in hysteria or in hatred that we cannot see this in illumination of Scripture.

We can still reject the truth…

But we believe and understand, we have struggled and reasoned and discovered a path that is not just lucky but supernatural and chosen. We believe in the words of Jesus and attempt to live them out, hoping to restore the purity and holiness of our spirits, so that we may one day truly be blessed with knowledge and understanding.ˆ

Today, accept the truth…

Descendant of David, gather your people, help us to understand your law and bring peace upon the whole earth. Not like the revolts of Simon Barkokhba, or the whimpering of Shabbetai Zvi, both false teachers who claimed to be messiahs, your name is not lost. You did not cower or cause defeat. You fulfilled the promise and the law of God; through you we can grasp the merciful path of eternal truth. Not through the sword, but through the peaceful proclamation of you, oh Jesus of Nazareth; through the suffering of those that endured the truth of your resurrection; through understanding the majestic story History writes; through all of this we can still proclaim:

“Yshu’a Ha Mashiakh!”

Jesus The Messiah.

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