My Solace

· Optimism on Metareality, Theology

To Health & Prosperity: May those older than me be blessed with the strengths of their youth and may the youth be blessed with longevity. May I continue to age with grace and comfort as I have thus far. May I live a life of activeness and moderation. May God keep us in Health & Prosperity.

To Wisdom & Knowledge: May I be able to learn from those around me and may they be able to learn from me. May I be able to observe myself and learn from what I do while teaching myself how to become myself. May The Lord enlighten me to his ways. May we all gain the ideas and thoughts we do not already have. May he also grant us the wisdom to execute the knowledge in humility and worship. May God keep us in Wisdom & Knowledge. May we discover the most reasonable solutions to all things.

To Love & Peace: May I continue to find new things to enjoy about my family, friends and The Lord. May I come to all of them with no offense and leave the same. May I greet new friends and new family with acceptance and overwhelming wholeheartedness towards them for eternity. May we reconcile all difference and dispute and come together to serve the one true God by serving each other in equality and compassion. May each person put themselves last so that there would never be need for war or hatred. May God keep us in Love & Peace.

To Time & Eternity: May God bless all the times and memories I have had to enjoy with those i love, with myself, and in the presence of my Holy Father. May the waste I have made of it not stand in the way of what I have left to accomplish. May The Lord extend his favor on the wicked allowing them time to weigh the facts and see for themselves who the one true God is forevermore. May I be accepted into eternity with the voice of my creator and may I eternally enjoy the continuance of God’s Uniqueness alongside my fellow believers. May God bless Time & Eternity

To Sorrow & Loss: May the time we have all suffered share a purpose that precedes out morality and may it serve for the greatness of God. May we know that pain does not last forever but endurance will bear fruit. May we find the completeness that we have lost in our fall. May The Lord take all suffering that is experienced through this sinful life and may He use it to create obedience and worship towards Him. May we enjoy being used by God despite the situation. May God bless us in Sorrow & Loss.

To God: You are to be praised in all things. May my life’s sole purpose be to reflect the intelligence, wisdom, love, peace, fullness and eternally satisfaction that is in the partiality that of which we have seen The Lord. May I be a vessel for his work and do it as an act of worship, despite circumstance. To The creator of all, for the creator of all, and by the hand of the creator of all:

Lord, You are.

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