Sent without Sense

· Pessimism of Reality

And Because we do not know our role in history quite yet, we try to make everything seem so important, things that will be forgotten (Media will definitely be our generations black plague). We might, possibly, all be lost in time. Not a drop of knowledge or usefulness to those ahead.  It doesn’t pain me in any way knowing that 400 years from now people might see this as the dark age of society and pity those of us that have had to endure it. We Might Be A Joke. But the future is so widely open I can’t help but smile at my tiny speck on the time-line.  We Just Might Be The Hope. It is so important that we regard our lives (not just the beautiful people or the celebrities, but everyone), as valuable archives and roots of historical ascension. This time is golden because it is what we have been given. One may choose to reject it in various ways, whether escaping through life-less dreams or scheming surrealism, rejecting value or even getting caught up in vanity of what he or she thinks their value is. We must take joy in this beautiful, sour field of green and try to plant more then we harvest. It isn’t so difficult to exit with a satisfaction of punching out the clock, rather then always charging the cards and leaving our bill for future workers.  Regardless though of how we leave it, and yes, We Will All Die (learn to accept it and prepare for eternity), We can’t escape that what we have is what we see. Although it may not be the full picture (Our senses are deception. We take in information only through relativity. Truth is out there but we do not perceive it accurately. These veils hinder our analysis. If we cannot interpret truth then we cannot create it. We do not have the capability of fully understanding truth. The weakness of our ability is found and secured in the strength of our God and his ultimate, omnipotent, vantage point.), we can certainly, with a little help, go pretty far. Today is what we must accomplish and regardless of the outcome we don’t have a choice but to do something with it. We will fade and the next will go through shifts and change (partially based on our actions) and either pass or fail the same test. So, don’t regret (The past is not an option), Don’t sit on auto-pilot (The present is here. Make today and control what it means), and Don’t fear (The future will only bring resolution and clarity to all of this absurdity). We are all in this together and must decide what we will make of this plot. When we are gone, What will be our harvest? We Must All Take Account.   Yes, we must all say that we were there.

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