· Pessimism of Reality

We are the remnants of the apocalypse. Our society is the disease that has brought demise. Although it does not look like we would expect, it’s not so mid-evil, we have destroyed the hope. Destroyed the joy and have made a negation of those that care to spread it. What has brought us to this point? I believe the real problem is that we have separated ourselves from the elements. We don’t want to accept nature, which reacts all around us, because we know we are unequal to it. We have decided we are greater then it. We don’t know why we are greater then it but we still know. So, why not find out the catalyst? We build rather then face the unveiling of truth. This is due sometimes to lack of understanding, but mostly it is a fear that we have in knowing the framework of humanity. Still, we reject the Ideas, the true reasons that make us superior and run inside our climate-controlled, “peaceful,” ecosystems and we are unhappy beast. Could It be that we revolt nature? Are we fighting against the natural animal that society makes us hide, and is this causing us discomfort? Or is it because we reject the creator of our superiority? Do we choose to deny that there are specifics as to why we are here and why we, as animale rationale, are greater then all other creatures? This decimation was built and can very well be destroyed. Let the rain fall down on us and wash away the lies. Wash away this apocalypse.

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