· Perception, Pessimism of Reality

World Poetry Movement, which attempts to sell books each year with the illusion of grandeur, poses questions. They seem to have some people working for them that actually like art and care to know other persons reasons for their interest in art. However, they are, as a company, nothing more than a Ponzi scheme, giving individuals a chance to make it “big.” A false flag for creativity can sometimes be used to paint false eyelids on the sleeping individuals. I would encourage people to wake up and see that beyond the greed that lies at the heart of this pyramid is not gold, just more death and decay, which isn’t art! Art brings life, it breathes into the earth new creatures, trying always to push past the facts of death. Art is savior, and WPM is the cursed earth, a venomous spider, attempting to snare the true life-breathers.

Here is a one question they posed:
“Since so many of you look to other art forms for inspiration, let’s start a conversation about which art forms inspire your poetry most! And how? What’s an example?”

Here is my answer:
“The art of butchery helps me remember that there is always someone willing to hack my thoughts up and distribute them at a cost. Kind of like your book that you keep trying to sell to me!”

They are death, they are poison, and the movement being endorsed is movement ever closer to the grave.

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  1. Zach Kidder


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