Welcome to our oneship!

· Perception, Pessimism of Reality

Hey little one, who has just crowned; who’s reconnaissance at each blink takes in this vast and astounding miracle; welcome, we are all thankful that you have made the journey. There are things we should not tell you, we should not downcast your most glorious day, but seeing depravity in the grasp of your miniature hands it may be better to educate you before allowing your welcome to not come with the gratuity of warning.  There is darkness around your arrival, and the light you see can be very deceiving; but do not let this trouble you or deceive you from the fact that you are a blessing, even in these trying times, you are still miraculous! You have been teleported ex nihilo and all along the way until now, your carrier had every right to put an end to you. But now that you are here, when you do inevitably go, you owe us compensation for allowing you to stay! And you must be willing to go at the expense of others, when you have reached your 18th cycle, of course; until then it shall be explained to you in spoonfuls and sing-a-longs how you are reducible to a whole and as an individual can be deconstructed. We want you to be healthy so we will not let you take in the foreign substance; Mother’s seed has been fixed to help enhance your ability; some things are better destroyed and replaced by the creators. We give you options in selecting the best route to keep yourself healthy with regular test, but don’t get hung up on the choice, for you must choose one. We all share the lands and therefore must keep everything public, but let this not discourage you from creating, inventing, innovating, and progressing, for whatever good you create will enrich us all! There may be times when you have little for the sake of your partners, for they must have some; no one should have none. It may discourage you at times to toil unendingly; not seeing the results of your labor, but it should always be in your forbidden voice that progress is best seen in grandiose scales and ethereal perceptions beyond our facilities. Please, always participate in general democracy, but remember that dissent is sin and the wrong questions generally lead to the wrong paths; may the bound be an example of where incivility will take you. We must never practice hatred, and we must realize that those that reject ideal and equal oneship, are merely haters of progress, deserving the lashes; they that preach of freedom from safety are only invoking restraint. Once again, welcome to this marvelous experience and unification of your fellow men! We are confident that you will be a blessing just as equally as you are blessed. Let’s continue the journey.


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