Reflection on social settings

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It’s as if having an alter ego, some sort of inner animal rage,  that wishes to surface in socially altered settings, is not abnormal. For me, the abnormal, the outlier, who does not need to surface, but am fully naked and exposed, I alone am a stand-alone in the masquerade ball, the ball game, and the overall social scene because I do not dress up, but exist. To stand alone, the social Darwin, who wishes for pure authenticity in all settings is left- very smugly I should say as the one force of adaptation, but due to this delicate power game will probably die out; and those limitedly successful mutations, can they really be happy to say that they became what everyone else hides behind? No, I am excited to be an endangered species, hoping to die out, rank and file history. But in retrospect, it is this social bond which produces the greatest outcome for reproduction. The outcast, even if obtaining a higher order, must lose the baggage of conformity and shed the possibility of carnal irresponsibility. This überman has to give up fleshly fancies, if he wishes to remain superior and authentic, and will have to clothe himself with marks of shame and accusations of lunacy from crowdmongers if any desire to genetically evolve past a point already  established by social Darwinism. Nah, perhaps more so the full realization of Nietzsche in a dark and complex alternate universe, where the traits once celebrated, have now mutated beyond common acceptance. Outliers do not produce pheromones of deep passion, but of disgust with interactions from common members of this global pandemic. The superman does not pass his genetic traits on, so we are inching closer to a world without superheros.

Any Thoughts?...

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