It’s always raining on someone’s birthday


And there is always a death on someone’s birthday.

Fact is,  unless you have a birthday in July and live in California, it will likely rain on your birthday at least one year out of your short breath of an existence (Californians, feel free to continuing reading anyways). This year is my year.  And I wasn’t sure how to handle it at first.  I usually try to remain quiet to people about my birthday,  in a way to be humble yet self-loathing when people forget to wish me that special day. I’ve never really been all that in to having people  acknowledge me for being born and thanking me for making it one more solar rotation.  And I’ve seen some really well-intentioned people become total dicks cause it is their birthday.  And I remember back to when I was 8 or 9 and I had to help my aunt and uncle move   unexpectedly on my birthday, thus the plans for the evening were ruined.  So there I silently pouted like the little prick I was being and from then on out I’ve had no strong sway one way or the other for birthdays.  But today as I came into work for the first time ever on a birthday and the rain poured onto my much older head, and I had people complain to me that their DEBT cards were being  temporarily declined from acquiring more DEBT,  I found it very easy to ask,  why all this on MY birthday? But I guess everyone has Birthdays and everyone feels entitled because its their birthday. And I think it is time to stop this nonsense.  Being born doesn’t take any work on your part, just hurting your mother beyond anything ever imaginable. And it’s all backward,  we make the little ones feel the most special,  and send the older people cards that they can barely lift because they spent the last 50 years laboring on your behalf.  Now maybe we should Make birthdays more important as you get older but,  even then this misses the point that everyone feels entitled to a birthday exception.  And I guess further more this pours over into other areas,  people start feeling entitled for certain jobs, benefits, or outcomes. We treat other people like servants in our world and this effects them in ways far reaching beyond our selfish interactions with them. We ought not spend so much time demanding of others and spend more time reflecting on others.  It doesn’t take much to ruin someone’s day,  and it isn’t much to make someone else feel important.  It is hard,  though,  I admit. How many times I’ve ruined someone’s birthday because  I felt entitled, I’ll never know,  but there is still time left to change.  I have a lovely girlfriend and wonderful friends, a sincere family and I’ve met nice strangers. This is what makes me feel special. Making each day a little bit of a blessing and each day a challenge to bless someone else. Life is too short to feel entitled,  so for my special day I ask all that read to make it someone else’s special day as well.  Peace

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