The Sin of Being Animals

· Pessimism of Reality, Politics, Reason

*Disclaimer- some of the images I use are disturbing, but thus is the reality of our world.  If your boss doesn’t want you to look at historically archived photographs of humanities darker side,  than they probably also don’t want you on blogs.  I won’t tell if you don’t ;)


Looking back at those pictures of Hiroshima and Nagasaki make me sick. And to think, our Grandparents and Great-Grandparents allowed that to happen…I mean, Hitler was dead, our “peace mission” was over, right? If you believe that, you just don’t know American foreign policy of the last 100 years. Was this retaliation for pearl Harbor? No, we already fire-bombed Japan to the point of near extinction. It was thought to be the only way to end the war for America and there are many arguments going either way. But whichever side of the spectrum you land on these images make you feel bad; make you feel dark inside; and make you wonder what it says about human nature.






The same feelings of uneasiness and pain come over us when we look back at the “enemy” of that time and what they were doing to the Jewish people. It makes us angry and frustrated that so many lives were ruined or taken. We question, where God was.




I don’t know about you, but I get the same sadness and despair when I hear of all the babies that get aborted each year. I get labeled as being Anti-choice, which is hyperbolically true, because I reject that a person has a right to murder another person, and I reject the notion that a person can give rights to another person that they themselves do not have. I know, that seems like such a radical idea (sarcasm, yes). I find it sickening that there are some that will be shocked at the atrocities of a man killing children or a mother allowing her daughter to be placed in a situation that ends in the daughter’s death, yet not see a connection between today’s holocaust and the genocidal central planning of previous mad men.  Again, like America’s destructions of Japanese civilians, there are those on either side of the issue. However, the pictures speak for themselves, in regard to the tragedy that it is.





All of these things, Abortion, Bombing, Genocide, they are all disgusting and  should make us reflect on the value that we have placed in one another. Often times, after a large disaster, people question God, and why he allows bad things to happen. I laugh at this, when they fail to ask the very same question of ourselves, Why do WE allow bad things to happen to each other at the hands of ourselves? Or more importantly, why doesn’t God allow MORE bad things to happen to us, his most evil invention? I think it is very easy for people to feel discouraged when for all that we can tell, God is invisible and silent. But as H.G. Wells puts it, we are a means to God’s end, and “if you do not feel God then there is not persuading you of him; we cannot win over the incredulous.”

No, I have not lost faith in God, He is very much real and I try to serve him by being a good steward to man and other animals, and by using the tools at hand to build, rather than destroy. We ought to create inside ourselves the world we wish to have, and create games that lead us to more prosperous inventions of social order. Man is enlightened enough to understand the implications of submitting to the various desires of nature, and we know which feelings lead to which ends. Liberty, Rights, and Non-Aggression all lead to better social environments than Oppression, Privilege of the ruling class, and Force. I don’t know what more I can say on that, yet people still reject it, because people inevitably are the problem, with all of their selfishness and desire to self-fulfill, they lose the ability of balancing that with equal respect for others to do the same. This simply means that people should meet their own desires and fulfill themselves as much as they want, SO LONG AS THEY RESPECT ONE ANOTHER’S AUTONOMY TO DO THE SAME. Murder, Rape, Theft, Slavery, and Exploitation are what we ought to consider Evil, and our actions should be a reflection of our acknowledgement that the roads these lead us to have been travelled before; no different results will follow, except for chaos on a more grand scale.

It certainly isn’t God I have lost faith in, but Man and it’s nature. Arthur Schopenhauer, the father of pessimism, spoke on the suffering of Nature so plainly 300 years ago.

In Java a plain, as far as the eye could reach, entirely covered with skeletons, and took it for a battle-field; they were, however, merely the skeletons of large turtles,…which come this way out of the sea to lay their eggs, and are then attacked by wild dogs who with their united strength lay them on their backs, strip off the small shell from the stomach, and devour them alive. But often then a tiger pounces upon the dogs…For this the turtles are born…Thus the will to live everywhere preys upon itself, and in different forms is its own nourishment, till finally the human race, because it subdues all the others, regards nature as a manufactory for its own use. Yet even the human race…reveals in itself with most terrible distinctiveness this conflict, this variance of the will with itself; and we find homo homini lupus.


Man is a Wolf to his fellow Man.

This phrase first showing up in the works of Plautus, sums up the question that  I wish to address. WHY? Why does Man continue to not listen to the better angels of his nature? Why do we continue to treat others as means to OUR ends? Why do we constantly prove Schopenhauer right, that the Will to live is a road marked with suffering and that Man is no more a representation of this Will than other animals?

This is the Sin of Man, being Animals. Accepting the Will of nature as it comes, and not using our rationalization (the very faculty that comes with our ability to introspect) to realize that certain actions can lead to less suffering. We can actually fulfill the Love of God by being like God. By Creating and by Inventing, rather than Destroying and Causing Suffering. Perhaps some might even say this makes us better than God, those that wish to blame Him when disaster Strikes. Yet we continue to reject the manifestation of an all-loving and all-powerful God of Mercy in our own lives; we continue to wait for God to save us from The Devil, all the while blaming God for the Natural evils that occur; and in turn, we become the manifestation of The Devil. WE are Evil.

I know we often times like to pretend that those people who do those bad things are not people we know or associate with, but I find it more likely that most would have cheered the bombing, most would have marched with the Nazi army, and most, in fact, do support the murder of the unborn. I would like to think that Schopenhauer was wrong, I’d like to believe that Man can do great things, but I just don’t see it. I just don’t see it.

I pray that God continues to tug at your heart and that you will allow him to manifest himself in your life.

and with that I leave you a link to a Philosophy forum regarding Selfishness.  Peace.

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