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My open letter to Matt Dillahunty

In a clip I saw from The Atheist Experience, Matt Dillahunty asks the caller the following question: “Please provide an example of one demonstrably real, positively effective thing- that requires religion- that cannot be achieved by secular means.” He also asks a deeper, more fundamental question: “Why would you believe something for which you have […]

Responding to Jared Wellman in Love

(King David Embracing Jonathan) Jared Wellman’s popular blog, addressing the “culturally beloved song” Same Love, is really stirring up the fundamental Christian base. A friend of mine posted it on his Facebook page, I made some comments, and then I was blocked.  I have been considering these thoughts for close to two years now and I […]

Superbowls and Super Ideas

It is always important for a writer to set his biases on the table. I am a Seahawks fan. Although my girlfriend doesn’t believe that I have any idea about football (and she may be right), last night was my night. I loved watching my hometown team (to be fair, I’m actually from Buckley, Washington) […]