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Short Satire #1

God so loved the world that he created Man and Woman, unequal and unfit for self-control. He gave them a garden with a tree that he knew would lead to death if eaten of. He gave Man dominion over Woman, with his strength, and Woman power over Man, with her sexual prowess. Man did not […]

Society and Gavagai

I was skimming through this book the other day called superstructuralism, by Richard Harland, which is basically about the construction of human culture through language, symbolism, and interaction. He lays out two distinct idea found in structuralism: culture invents nature, and society invents the individual. These axioms allow him to go beyond the symbol-language simplicity […]

A Tragic Misstep in Philosophical Belief

I have recently been watching True Detectives on the Internet (where else would one go to watch such things). It is a show that tackles the question of human nature and the battle for good and evil despite an anxious possibility of meaninglessness. Rustin Cohle, interpreted by Matthew McConaughey, starts off the show with a […]