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In memoriam (Ronda Peasner: 11/09/1955 – 06/23/2014)

Today, my aunt Ronda Peasner passed away after a nine-year battle with leukemia. She was surrounded by her loved ones, singing her into the next stage of her existence, just as she had done for so many others that had their time before her. She was a singer (and I say ‘was’ not because of […]

Philosophy Talk: Metaphysical Uncertainty Towards a More Contextual Existence

One of the most horrific mistakes a philosopher can make, although it seems all too hereditary and commonplace to the profession, is to assume certain metaphysical proclivities. An example of what I am talking about might be easily found in the study of evolution. If one already has a metaphysical belief in anti-supernaturalism (which is […]

A Reflection on Marriage

I have many friends either getting married this year, or who are preparing to celebrate their anniversaries in the next two months (I am writing this in between church and a wedding). While marriage is not on my close-range radar, I do think about it from time to time, (don’t tell my girlfriend, family, or […]