Getting Laid in the Shade

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Fifty shades of grey comes out in less than 3 days and so much has already been said about it. I don’t think any ghouls will infest your soul if you make the choice to go see it this weekend, but I would opt for the purposefully vanilla Old Fashioned.

There really isn’t much to say when the issue has been made so black and white.

How ironic. “You don’t think people should participate in BDSM? Fucking Prude.”

“You are going to see THAT? Are you a masochistic sociopath?”

Okay, there is a very powerful black and white moral tension. If you support sexual liberation (and this is clumped together essentially as an LGBTQ whole) then you MUST be for SUB/DOM lifestyles too, right?
If you are against BDSM, you are for preserving traditional marriage, right?
Jesus Christ.

That was a man who opted out of the debate. I won’t make any claims about what another person believed (especially an existential claim of a man we have no written words by). But I will say that the bible is rather gray. We can’t say that two consenting (god forbid, even married) people may choose to practice master/slave role-play in the bedroom, and necessarily be going against God’s will. We also KNOW (we feel it) that abuse and degradation is wrong. Slavery is wrong. Hurting other people is wrong.

Where is the line? Where is it black and where is it white? I think it is somewhere in the grey.

Again, the irony is almost intentional.
We must stop and look at the relationships we have been given, the ones we have lost, and the ones we fight for, and realize that at the soul of it all, is communication and humility.

I don’t know where you will draw the line, but I know that if you don’t come to each other in humility and with the intention of speaking clearly of your desires, needs, concerns, fears, etc, there will be confusion, there will be hurt, there will be discordance.

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law.
Part of me thinks the spirit navigates and works in the gray. God isn’t black or white. He will reach us and morph us closer to his image without always uprooting us or giving us a pin on the map to follow.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentines day (I hope many people are fulfilled in their relationships). I also hope that you spend less time worrying about what other people do and focus on making your relationships guided by the spirit of God, and in that you will be a lighthouse on the greyish-green waters.

I leave you with a love song.

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