Radicals and Resistance

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On Tuesday night, we watched the first of several Democratic debates, and wherever you may fall on the political spectrum, the Internet was rather clear: Bernie Sanders had won. Yet, just as many of us web trolls were confused and disgusted to see the television coverage the following morning: Hillary takes a clear victory!


Now, some from the left have already chimed in, stating that Internet polls are not good sources of objective data. That may be true, and this has been the sentiment even in last election primaries. But, something in our better nature still seems to keep us questioning the accuracy of these results.

A clear reason might be that we just do not trust the media and we do not like Hillary (except for the fact that she would be the first woman president).

Actually, it’s not just Hillary, trust in government has been low and steadily declining for the past 30 years.

I see many of the same sentiments coming from the Bernie Sanders crowd this time, that I experienced as a Ron Paul advocate in 2012: A undying enthusiasm for a fray candidate, distrust in the party leadership, a noticeable blackout by mainstream media of my candidate, and assurance that we would win.

I am a realist, but I do truly think, if there wasn’t vast amounts of political deception and fraud going on within the party, Ron Paul could have won.

And I think Sanders folks will be saying the same thing in August, when they are left with a choice between some mainstream Republican and Clinton (or perhaps Biden?).

I hope, like me, they will say “F**k that!” and vote third party or stay home.

I hope their distrust of media and government will continue.

I hope they will stand with me to fight the system, in a way that defies partisan politics.

Another interesting statistic that one can grab from the People-Press results, is that trust in government goes up, when “our guy” holds power. Why do we seem to forget that they are all liars, and they are all distrustful?

Perhaps a bit of cognitive dissonance, or perhaps some form of Stockholm syndrome, we seem too quickly to forget that the people we think will change things, are just as much apart of the problem.

If we agree that politicians and the media are both bought by large special interest groups, and both use deception and spin as their main form of “truth-telling,” why then do we believe what they say?

Why are we so sold on climate change or income inequality, but call people that are on the right “idiots” or “partisan fools,” when it comes to gun control or social policies? Could it be that the truth is somewhere neither party wishes to go, and that the “facts” we are so often told, are merely forms of spin, to get us to vote a certain way?

Perhaps what the media tells us about school shootings and planned parenthood, about terror threats and police brutality, about racism and the economy are distortions of reality; perhaps we should take what they say with a grain of salt; perhaps we should be skeptical of what our politicians and media outlets are telling us to believe.

Maybe there can be real change and real revolution in this country, but I won’t put my hope in any politician to bring this about; and remember, the revolution will not be televised.

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