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Society and Gavagai

I was skimming through this book the other day called superstructuralism, by Richard Harland, which is basically about the construction of human culture through language, symbolism, and interaction. He lays out two distinct idea found in structuralism: culture invents nature, and society invents the individual. These axioms allow him to go beyond the symbol-language simplicity […]

A Holiday Thought on Actuality

Today is Pi Day, because 3/14 is the first 3 digits of the illustrious ratio. Next year it will be the most ultimate Pi day because 3/14/15. I had a brief conversation with my roommate about Pi, and how, while it is a potential infinite, there is no such thing as an actual infinite. He […]

My open letter to Matt Dillahunty

In a clip I saw from The Atheist Experience, Matt Dillahunty asks the caller the following question: “Please provide an example of one demonstrably real, positively effective thing- that requires religion- that cannot be achieved by secular means.” He also asks a deeper, more fundamental question: “Why would you believe something for which you have […]

Philosophy Talk Vl. 1a.

Knowledge, in the classical philosophical sense, has three criterion for being such: Justification, Truth, and Belief. This study of Knowledge and what it means to Know is called Epistemology. Now, I have some qualms with these criterion as they presently stand in the traditional history, but I’ll get to those at the end. Before we […]

Support War? You aren’t a Christian.

*Disclaimer: The title is a little misleading. Also, this Blog Post is for Christians and falls within the apologetics of Old when Christians would argue with each other in order to reach a coherent faith. I hope by the end of this post you feel one of these three emotions: Anger, because you can’t reconcile […]