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A Reflection on Marriage

I have many friends either getting married this year, or who are preparing to celebrate their anniversaries in the next two months (I am writing this in between church and a wedding). While marriage is not on my close-range radar, I do think about it from time to time, (don’t tell my girlfriend, family, or […]

A Holiday Thought on Actuality

Today is Pi Day, because 3/14 is the first 3 digits of the illustrious ratio. Next year it will be the most ultimate Pi day because 3/14/15. I had a brief conversation with my roommate about Pi, and how, while it is a potential infinite, there is no such thing as an actual infinite. He […]

It’s always raining on someone’s birthday

And there is always a death on someone’s birthday. Fact is,  unless you have a birthday in July and live in California, it will likely rain on your birthday at least one year out of your short breath of an existence (Californians, feel free to continuing reading anyways). This year is my year.  And I […]

Go to Hell

That’s the question I pose today, will you Go to Hell? Is it a physical or meta-spatial place of torment, in which human souls enter upon death? If so, is it an eternal chamber with no door, or are the doors, as C.S. Lewis says, “Locked on the inside”? Or perhaps it is not even […]

A Discussion in Evolution

Here is a little discussion board that is mostly arguments between me and one other person regarding Christian perspectives on Evolution. Feel free to read the articles and chime in on your evaluation of the debate, I end with my definition of Theistic Evolution and how I feel it differs from the many varying versions […]

My Solace

To Health & Prosperity: May those older than me be blessed with the strengths of their youth and may the youth be blessed with longevity. May I continue to age with grace and comfort as I have thus far. May I live a life of activeness and moderation. May God keep us in Health & […]

On Death

If I make it throught the night I’ll be the man,- I’ll be the man I was born to be. They’ll see. Bleeding out in a corner, I did not wish to die alone, But where I’m at is drudging and desolate. To keep my veins from rusting I’ve cracked the faucet, broken the seal. […]

Stream of Conciousness

Lying straight ahead is lush trees of rotting green a path built by me to intervine the innards and i lookout and i see fall it’s perfect what is this oh but mirrors beneath my feet and they are dipped in paint this fall is so gorgeous so vast so symmetrical and dying it’s the […]

Silent City

Wouldn’t it be interesting if you got to New York City, and it was completely silent. Shaking a resident awake from their I-pod coma, they pop the ear bud out. Screaming through the ringing in his ear you ask “Why is it so silent?” He doesn’t know what you are talking about and continues his […]