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A Reflection on Marriage

I have many friends either getting married this year, or who are preparing to celebrate their anniversaries in the next two months (I am writing this in between church and a wedding). While marriage is not on my close-range radar, I do think about it from time to time, (don’t tell my girlfriend, family, or […]

Society and Gavagai

I was skimming through this book the other day called superstructuralism, by Richard Harland, which is basically about the construction of human culture through language, symbolism, and interaction. He lays out two distinct idea found in structuralism: culture invents nature, and society invents the individual. These axioms allow him to go beyond the symbol-language simplicity […]

A Holiday Thought on Actuality

Today is Pi Day, because 3/14 is the first 3 digits of the illustrious ratio. Next year it will be the most ultimate Pi day because 3/14/15. I had a brief conversation with my roommate about Pi, and how, while it is a potential infinite, there is no such thing as an actual infinite. He […]

Reflection on Nature during Advent

We create the world around us. I don’t believe we consider the ridiculousness of our world enough. I mean, we are so detached from the reality of what we have created sometimes, it just helps to consider an example: We cut down trees to build little homes (of course most of us don’t actually cut […]

It’s always raining on someone’s birthday

And there is always a death on someone’s birthday. Fact is,  unless you have a birthday in July and live in California, it will likely rain on your birthday at least one year out of your short breath of an existence (Californians, feel free to continuing reading anyways). This year is my year.  And I […]

Revolution and Counter-Revolution (The attack on the attack on Capitalism)

Those within the occupy movement, the venus project, and the overall left-hybrid-syndalcalist-utopian harbingers of anti-capitalist rhetoric actually believe that capitalism caused the current mess that we are in and that if we look back at history it was this same capitalism which caused the great depression and basically all the woes of history. Any one […]

100 years Strong?

I came across this infograph the other day, the one hundredth anniversary of the income tax. I have already expressed how I believe the 16th amendment is outright theft elsewhere, but today I would like to give you all some information (objectively) that this graph fails to take into account, and then make some remarks […]

Philosophy Talk Vl. 1a.

Knowledge, in the classical philosophical sense, has three criterion for being such: Justification, Truth, and Belief. This study of Knowledge and what it means to Know is called Epistemology. Now, I have some qualms with these criterion as they presently stand in the traditional history, but I’ll get to those at the end. Before we […]

Support War? You aren’t a Christian.

*Disclaimer: The title is a little misleading. Also, this Blog Post is for Christians and falls within the apologetics of Old when Christians would argue with each other in order to reach a coherent faith. I hope by the end of this post you feel one of these three emotions: Anger, because you can’t reconcile […]

Welcome to our oneship!

Hey little one, who has just crowned; who’s reconnaissance at each blink takes in this vast and astounding miracle; welcome, we are all thankful that you have made the journey. There are things we should not tell you, we should not downcast your most glorious day, but seeing depravity in the grasp of your miniature […]


World Poetry Movement, which attempts to sell books each year with the illusion of grandeur, poses questions. They seem to have some people working for them that actually like art and care to know other persons reasons for their interest in art. However, they are, as a company, nothing more than a Ponzi scheme, giving […]

On Composing

When I write music I cannot figure out whether it is part of my soul that I am leaving behind or if I am creating new life, giving breath to something that never was. Either way, there is something now apart from me that will never be apart of me. In every process and step […]

Reflection on image

Today as I sat outside  talking with one of my friends, I expressed to her (in my daunting ability to spurt out how I feel) why I do not like photography. Her being a photographer, took this rather charmingly. I tried to explain that it didn’t draw me in, it doesn’t make me feel.  The […]

Silent City

Wouldn’t it be interesting if you got to New York City, and it was completely silent. Shaking a resident awake from their I-pod coma, they pop the ear bud out. Screaming through the ringing in his ear you ask “Why is it so silent?” He doesn’t know what you are talking about and continues his […]