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Reflection on Nature during Advent

We create the world around us. I don’t believe we consider the ridiculousness of our world enough. I mean, we are so detached from the reality of what we have created sometimes, it just helps to consider an example: We cut down trees to build little homes (of course most of us don’t actually cut […]

The Sin of Being Animals

*Disclaimer- some of the images I use are disturbing, but thus is the reality of our world.  If your boss doesn’t want you to look at historically archived photographs of humanities darker side,  than they probably also don’t want you on blogs.  I won’t tell if you don’t ;)   Looking back at those pictures […]

It’s always raining on someone’s birthday

And there is always a death on someone’s birthday. Fact is,  unless you have a birthday in July and live in California, it will likely rain on your birthday at least one year out of your short breath of an existence (Californians, feel free to continuing reading anyways). This year is my year.  And I […]

Revolution and Counter-Revolution (The attack on the attack on Capitalism)

Those within the occupy movement, the venus project, and the overall left-hybrid-syndalcalist-utopian harbingers of anti-capitalist rhetoric actually believe that capitalism caused the current mess that we are in and that if we look back at history it was this same capitalism which caused the great depression and basically all the woes of history. Any one […]

Economic Freedom Entails Peace.

If we want to live in peace, we have to allow some people to fail. We can’t try to raise the job rate, by furnishing professions that profit off of violence. In 2011 US arm sales to overseas was a $66 Billion business. Russia was second with $5 Billion. Our Military Sales are a little […]

16th Amendment is Theft

We are all slaves. We are in shackles from the first day we work until the day we die through IRS tax codes and the formidable income tax. What is it that gives Congress this elusive power to tax one’s livelihood? It is the 16th Amendment. The 16th amendment was established in 1913 by a […]

Welcome to our oneship!

Hey little one, who has just crowned; who’s reconnaissance at each blink takes in this vast and astounding miracle; welcome, we are all thankful that you have made the journey. There are things we should not tell you, we should not downcast your most glorious day, but seeing depravity in the grasp of your miniature […]


World Poetry Movement, which attempts to sell books each year with the illusion of grandeur, poses questions. They seem to have some people working for them that actually like art and care to know other persons reasons for their interest in art. However, they are, as a company, nothing more than a Ponzi scheme, giving […]

A Discussion in Evolution

Here is a little discussion board that is mostly arguments between me and one other person regarding Christian perspectives on Evolution. Feel free to read the articles and chime in on your evaluation of the debate, I end with my definition of Theistic Evolution and how I feel it differs from the many varying versions […]


We are the remnants of the apocalypse. Our society is the disease that has brought demise. Although it does not look like we would expect, it’s not so mid-evil, we have destroyed the hope. Destroyed the joy and have made a negation of those that care to spread it. What has brought us to this […]

On Composing

When I write music I cannot figure out whether it is part of my soul that I am leaving behind or if I am creating new life, giving breath to something that never was. Either way, there is something now apart from me that will never be apart of me. In every process and step […]

Sent without Sense

And Because we do not know our role in history quite yet, we try to make everything seem so important, things that will be forgotten (Media will definitely be our generations black plague). We might, possibly, all be lost in time. Not a drop of knowledge or usefulness to those ahead.  It doesn’t pain me […]