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My open letter to Matt Dillahunty

In a clip I saw from The Atheist Experience, Matt Dillahunty asks the caller the following question: “Please provide an example of one demonstrably real, positively effective thing- that requires religion- that cannot be achieved by secular means.” He also asks a deeper, more fundamental question: “Why would you believe something for which you have […]

Responding to Jared Wellman in Love

(King David Embracing Jonathan) Jared Wellman’s popular blog, addressing the “culturally beloved song” Same Love, is really stirring up the fundamental Christian base. A friend of mine posted it on his Facebook page, I made some comments, and then I was blocked.  I have been considering these thoughts for close to two years now and I […]

The Sin of Being Animals

*Disclaimer- some of the images I use are disturbing, but thus is the reality of our world.  If your boss doesn’t want you to look at historically archived photographs of humanities darker side,  than they probably also don’t want you on blogs.  I won’t tell if you don’t ;)   Looking back at those pictures […]

Economic Freedom Entails Peace.

If we want to live in peace, we have to allow some people to fail. We can’t try to raise the job rate, by furnishing professions that profit off of violence. In 2011 US arm sales to overseas was a $66 Billion business. Russia was second with $5 Billion. Our Military Sales are a little […]

Philosophy Talk Vl. 1a.

Knowledge, in the classical philosophical sense, has three criterion for being such: Justification, Truth, and Belief. This study of Knowledge and what it means to Know is called Epistemology. Now, I have some qualms with these criterion as they presently stand in the traditional history, but I’ll get to those at the end. Before we […]

Go to Hell

That’s the question I pose today, will you Go to Hell? Is it a physical or meta-spatial place of torment, in which human souls enter upon death? If so, is it an eternal chamber with no door, or are the doors, as C.S. Lewis says, “Locked on the inside”? Or perhaps it is not even […]

Support War? You aren’t a Christian.

*Disclaimer: The title is a little misleading. Also, this Blog Post is for Christians and falls within the apologetics of Old when Christians would argue with each other in order to reach a coherent faith. I hope by the end of this post you feel one of these three emotions: Anger, because you can’t reconcile […]

16th Amendment is Theft

We are all slaves. We are in shackles from the first day we work until the day we die through IRS tax codes and the formidable income tax. What is it that gives Congress this elusive power to tax one’s livelihood? It is the 16th Amendment. The 16th amendment was established in 1913 by a […]

The Satan of the Gaps (Pt. 1)

I can say without a doubt that most people I know believe in a literal Satan and that He somehow influences their actions in an intimate way, which leads them to Sin. It is one of those doctrines that brings the Pentecostal, the Baptist, the Catholics, and the Methodist together (which is just unheard of!); […]

A Discussion in Evolution

Here is a little discussion board that is mostly arguments between me and one other person regarding Christian perspectives on Evolution. Feel free to read the articles and chime in on your evaluation of the debate, I end with my definition of Theistic Evolution and how I feel it differs from the many varying versions […]

Reflection on image

Today as I sat outside  talking with one of my friends, I expressed to her (in my daunting ability to spurt out how I feel) why I do not like photography. Her being a photographer, took this rather charmingly. I tried to explain that it didn’t draw me in, it doesn’t make me feel.  The […]


Retaliation is pretty close to vengeance. If you want to do it tastefully and respectfully read, read, read. and once you understand the ideas that others are putting forth, even if they are abusive and mean, you can refute them with soundness and with respect for what they are saying. This goes for everyone not […]