I love to think. But it seems that anything one loves must be shared with the world. I want to think and give; give my thoughts to everyone so that they can be challenged, uplifted, and enlightened so that they may too think and give; give their own thoughts, or my thoughts, or incorporate my thoughts into their own thoughts. I want to change the world with questions, queries, and perhaps with answers. Sometimes what I say will be embedded deep within rhetoric, or poetics; sometimes my thoughts are reflections on other thoughts that people have had before us; sometimes I may be wrong about what I say. Please engage and interact; please think; please be respectful and courteous to what others are thinking. Grow with me. Think with me!

The Problem With Problems Is…

…they usually develop more problems. Once a question has been answered, typically the answer reveals additional questions or additional problems. That is what seems to be so with the problem of evil. In my last post, I pointed out how POE hinges on certain attributes, and when closely examined, appear to be flawed themselves. What […]

Inconsistent Triads & Philosophical Incontinence

If God exist, it isn’t hard to imagine that he has self-control. But does he have trouble going to the bathroom? I do not know the answer to either of these questions, but I can view the historical lens of God’s attributes and perhaps consider certain assumptions for sake of argument. When did God become […]

In memoriam (Ronda Peasner: 11/09/1955 – 06/23/2014)

Today, my aunt Ronda Peasner passed away after a nine-year battle with leukemia. She was surrounded by her loved ones, singing her into the next stage of her existence, just as she had done for so many others that had their time before her. She was a singer (and I say ‘was’ not because of […]

Philosophy Talk: Metaphysical Uncertainty Towards a More Contextual Existence

One of the most horrific mistakes a philosopher can make, although it seems all too hereditary and commonplace to the profession, is to assume certain metaphysical proclivities. An example of what I am talking about might be easily found in the study of evolution. If one already has a metaphysical belief in anti-supernaturalism (which is […]

A Reflection on Marriage

I have many friends either getting married this year, or who are preparing to celebrate their anniversaries in the next two months (I am writing this in between church and a wedding). While marriage is not on my close-range radar, I do think about it from time to time, (don’t tell my girlfriend, family, or […]

Short Satire #1

God so loved the world that he created Man and Woman, unequal and unfit for self-control. He gave them a garden with a tree that he knew would lead to death if eaten of. He gave Man dominion over Woman, with his strength, and Woman power over Man, with her sexual prowess. Man did not […]

Society and Gavagai

I was skimming through this book the other day called superstructuralism, by Richard Harland, which is basically about the construction of human culture through language, symbolism, and interaction. He lays out two distinct idea found in structuralism: culture invents nature, and society invents the individual. These axioms allow him to go beyond the symbol-language simplicity […]

A Tragic Misstep in Philosophical Belief

I have recently been watching True Detectives on the Internet (where else would one go to watch such things). It is a show that tackles the question of human nature and the battle for good and evil despite an anxious possibility of meaninglessness. Rustin Cohle, interpreted by Matthew McConaughey, starts off the show with a […]

A construction of a basic liberal society.

Men are not islands, but their thoughts are isolated, their feelings are separated from each other’s by a wall of skin, an eternal gap that cannot be crossed. It is in the fact of Man’s subjectivity that we build all other ideas from. Objective truths, although never fully actualized in this lifetime, are come to […]

A Holiday Thought on Actuality

Today is Pi Day, because 3/14 is the first 3 digits of the illustrious ratio. Next year it will be the most ultimate Pi day because 3/14/15. I had a brief conversation with my roommate about Pi, and how, while it is a potential infinite, there is no such thing as an actual infinite. He […]